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    NEW! IDROID- the best of both worlds! -premium-

    *NOTE*- in storm screenshots, The "focus icon" image behind the icons is not always visible! it was just displayed like that on my computer.

    This theme is simply unbelievable. Its based off two of the best selling themes in the Mobihand app store. Overall Android-like styling with the beautiful Iphone icons! And best of all, this is an evolving theme, as I recieve feedback, I will issue free updates!

    For fast support, add PIN: 30d9ddf7 to your BBM contact list!

    Part Android 2.1 and part Iphone!
    Very fast and responsive!
    4 hotspots on homescreen for storm version!
    With trackball and trackpad devices, simply scroll up from any icon on your homescreen to get to the app screen! No more pressing the blackberry key!
    Amazing tranisitons throughout
    Custom battery, new message, and signal meters!
    Today version available for storm version
    For those of you who havent updated and recieved the new type of lockscreen, the lockscreen is animated with an "IDROID" animation
    Very little to no memory leakage

    This theme is quite a while in the making. I have had it tested by many people who had nothing but great reviews for it! In fact, this is the theme I personally use everyday!

    HURRY! get this them today and you'll get it for the low price of only $1.99!
    No more paying that $6.99 that other them designers charge!

    IDROID - Themes BlackBerry Apps

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