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    Everyone please welcome the never before seen iChalk It theme for the BlackBerry!

    iChalk It has a iPhone esk feel to the icons, great quality icons! You are greeted by 5 icon bottom zen dock, with a weather slot on the top right. In the application Screen when icons are left on stand-by the are on a “Old Skewl” green chalkboard, then once highlight, they highlight with a “New Skewl” grey chalkboard. iChalk It has a “Hidden” today for SMS/MMS, Calender entries, and Messages, along with a Weather Slot to place whatever you like! And of course iChalk is wall paper friendly! These screen shots don’t give this theme any justice!

    - High Quality Icons
    - Not a pixel missed
    - 5 icon bottom zen dock
    - Hidden today section for SMS/MMS, Calender, and Messages
    - Weather Slot
    - Wall paper friendly

    Download Now for only $1.99!! PRICE LOWERED!!!

    Click Here to download for the 9000 Bold
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