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    Hi guys

    I'm doing my own theme as i'm quite particular, some would say pedantic but that's neither here nor there, anyway....everything is perfect apart from 1 aspect. The background.

    I have an all black theme based on the original blue in black glow, i simply just desaturated it so that all the screens are black.

    When i change the home screen wallpaper, it changes it elsewhere as well. So that when you go to the screen with all the icons on it, it's changed there as well. Why is this? It's driving me mad.

    Also, when i reset the home screen image, it reverts back to the original black...apart from at the icon application menu screen! It's driving me mad. Someone did tell me my PM that it's a glitch with plazmic but there are theme builders out there who offer the screen change as an option so it must be controllable.

    Can anyone nudge me in the right direction please?

    Thanks in advance.
    04-12-09 08:07 AM