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    Finally!!! It's here!!! As far as i know this is the first car theme with no car pics in it!!! And I'm proud on that!!! I really love Ferrari as a team and hate themes that shows only cars but doesn't show the spirit and adrenalin of Ferrari company!

    This is absolutely must have for those of you in love with Ferrari and those who can feel the whole Ferrari team spirit!!!

    Theme is for now available for Bold 9000 BlackBerry but as i own Curve too all of you in love with this one you'll be able to grab yours for 83xx, 88xx, 81xx and 82xx too!!! Just give me few days!!! I'll let u know!!!

    Now... about theme and functions in it. U can chose from 3 different options of this theme:
    - Hedone Design Enzo Ferrari Business
    - Hedone Design Enzo Ferrari Elegance
    - Hedone Design Enzo Ferrari Sport

    What they all share?

    Animated "Cavalli"
    (Horse) that glows every few seconds. I didn't want this theme to be all about animation, but this glowing horse it's absolutely the right thing!!!

    All 3 options of Enzo Ferrari theme have same icons.
    Icons in Enzo Ferrari theme are allmost identical to those you can find in original Bold theme. But they are till last one made by Hedone Design!!! Original icons on Bold are nicely done and looks great. So why should we build some icons that doesn't do what they should?!?! SO we've made our Enzo Ferrari icons similar to original and that will only gave you already know feeling.

    Fonts are elegant and readable!!!
    Fonts in Enzo Ferrari Theme are old school fonts that really gave this theme some special feeling. Beside those Classic fonts in this theme you'll find Milk fonts too if you use "Business" Enzo Ferrari theme. BBs Milk font is really readable and perfect for a lot of events that you'll have on TodayScreen.

    Colors are all Dark Ferrari Red!
    That does not mean that "Dark Ferrari Red" is some color that Ferrari uses on their cars!!! Years ago i've got that crazy good Marlboro Ferrari calendar and Ferrari F1 looked beautiful on black background and with just a bit light on a side. That red color really looked awsome!

    Let's see what those 3 options are! They are prepared to satisfy all your needs and wishes. The Business one is optimal choice for those of you that have a lot to do and your schedule is always one day ahead of you. "Sport" option is sharper than other 2 and gave u more speed feeling that u absolutely must have with the Ferrari!!! And "Elegance" is a bit of both, Business and Sport.

    All materials for this theme is made by Hedone Design. All trade marks used in this hedone Design Enzo Ferrari Theme are property of RIM (Research in Motion) and Ferrari!

    Theme costs 7$ and u can find all 3 of them on CrackBerry store!!!! Here are the links:
    - business
    - elegance
    - sport

    Sure u can also get more information first! U can find them on Hedone Design blog!

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    those are nice looking themes boss
    11-18-08 02:12 AM
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    those are nice looking themes boss
    Thanx DB! I'm glad u like it!!!
    11-18-08 02:32 AM
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    New updated version of EF theme available on CrackBerry store!!! some minor changes that should be done!!!
    11-23-08 11:30 AM
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    Thanx DB! I'm glad u like it!!!
    I can't find any for the curve 8900, HELP I need my hedone crack fix... Am also trying to find Lov&Passion on sale. *anyone? Yes, I'm a girl and I'm obssessed with CARS! I just discovered hedone designs 2 weeks ago already purchased 4 and looking for car themes!
    You guys have the best themes anywhere, HANDS DOWN! I've already deleted my 3 "other" themes Hedone's are gorgeous, extremely functional w hardly any glitches or lags.
    Phenominal THANK YOU HEDONE!
    Warmest Wishes,
    Cade Cannon

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    05-25-10 08:05 AM
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    i would love to try this theme but unfortunately my bold 9000 is running on 5.0.592. is this going to cause any conflict? thank you
    06-02-10 04:55 PM