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    First of all thanks to all themers who put their heart and soul into improving the BB UI.
    One of the major improvements over the last half year is tiday themes and hidden today themes in all kinds of amazing layouts. But this is where I feel partly left out from "all the fun".

    In my local language we have a few letters extra in the alphabet (, and ) and for most of today themes out there these letters are not shown properly.

    I have only found three themers who consistantly supports these letter in the today area, so let me send out special thanks to E, Tito and TDM.

    So, My humble request is: If it is not to hard to do, please make Your today themes support the international characters.

    I don't want to sound demanding, I just dont want to repeat myself on this issue in every new theme thread.

    Again thaks for all the hard work that has been put into these great theme, making Crackberry and the BB world in general a better place

    BR Mio

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    09-13-09 05:50 AM