1. wsfanatic's Avatar
    This is a simple (non-hidden) today with 5 calendar subentries and an icon for weather.

    Version 1.1 features 5 calendar subentries.

    Version 1.2 features 6 calendar subentries.

    OTA 1.1 link
    OTA 1.2 link
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    08-22-09 12:54 PM
  2. Mio_Ray's Avatar
    Plain and simple, real nice.
    The font of the calendar entries are a bit big though, they clip into the weather icon if the entry is too long.
    The really great thing is that it is 100% OEM so the special characters of my language () are shown correctly ))

    BR MIo

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    08-22-09 03:07 PM
  3. wsfanatic's Avatar
    I will post another version with smaller fonts. This is a direct copy of my Tour version. A lot of people with the Tour wanted larger text. It should be uploaded now.
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    08-22-09 03:27 PM
  4. fluo's Avatar
    Why even when i change background, the background with locked screen returns to the default theme one?

    except for this issue, im loving this theme!
    08-25-09 02:44 PM
  5. wsfanatic's Avatar
    That is how I set this one up. I will try to get another version uploaded that allows the same background in the lock screen.
    08-25-09 09:05 PM
  6. wsfanatic's Avatar
    Added another variant of the theme. This should allow you to have a custom home screen. The lock screen is not customizable in the current version of Plazmic.
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    08-30-09 03:20 PM
  7. Mio_Ray's Avatar
    Still, supports international characters. NICE
    09-02-09 03:25 PM
  8. riptyde76's Avatar
    Are you able to pst your older version with the larger font pls?
    09-11-09 03:50 PM
  9. Jancy10's Avatar
    Can you add a Message today also on top of the calendar one?
    09-11-09 03:56 PM
  10. slimnrg's Avatar
    i tried to download but a no go for me
    09-11-09 04:04 PM
  11. jbonnot03's Avatar
    I just downloaded and I like this theme alot. Great job.
    09-11-09 04:36 PM
  12. wsfanatic's Avatar
    i tried to download but a no go for me
    That's because this is the version for the Bold. The Tour version is available here.
    09-13-09 04:45 PM
  13. tuankgb's Avatar
    can you make this theme for os 4.6? i really like it. thanks
    01-05-10 08:26 AM
  14. conns.s's Avatar
    I like it a lot!!!! Messages today would be nice.

    Great Job!
    01-09-10 06:30 PM
  15. conns.s's Avatar
    I like it a lot!!!! Messages today would be nice.

    Great Job!
    01-09-10 06:31 PM
  16. huawuban#CB's Avatar
    Can't see pictures with BB browser? hmmm, will try again with pc.

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    01-09-10 09:07 PM
  17. wsfanatic's Avatar
    I will try to get a theme up that includes messages in the next couple days.
    01-13-10 08:56 PM
  18. Jay_eS_Iye's Avatar
    Great theme, nothing flashy, has everything I've been wanting to make my own with I've just never gotten around to it. 2 things though, the media folder is missing. And for some reason on ver 1.1 the main icon menu just went white. Tried reinstalling and same thing happened

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    03-09-10 07:53 AM
  19. wsfanatic's Avatar
    Jay, it could be because the theme is designed to work with the Bold 9000 rather than the Curve 8900. While the resolutions are similar, the vertical resolution isn't quite as high as the 8900's 480x360. It could be this or something else may be causing the issue.
    03-20-10 01:04 PM
  20. tuankgb's Avatar
    please check the ota links. i can't download them. thanks
    07-24-10 02:04 PM
  21. parikhjash's Avatar
    Looks great.
    08-23-10 03:45 PM