1. Mio_Ray's Avatar
    This is an almost stock precision zen theme for OS5 !

    It only has a few changes..... So; no weather app, no shortcuts, no today or even hidden today... Completely "zen"; and then some!

    This theme is was what I originally wanted to make when i DL'ed the Theme Builder, but I quickly got carried away with all the posibillities and forgot why i got the theme builder in the first place!

    I was really frustrated that it was not possible to turn off notification or delivery of e-mail completely (without having to disable it and lose out the mail you got meanwhile)

    So I wanted a way to have my mail coming to my inbox without having it shown on the home screen as a notification..

    So here it is: How to turn of Mail notification on a Blackberry..

    Change 1: Top and bottom banner are made gradient making it more wallpaper friendly.

    Change 2: Mail notification icon in notification area removed. All other notification icons are still there (sms, calendar, tasks, etc,...) You have to set your "Display Message Count" in General Message Options to "None" other wise You will just see your number of unread messages without an envelope icon..

    I have the Messages app among the first six when I want see new mail arriving (big red star on message icon) and I just remove it from the first six apps when I dont want to se them.. Like on holiday, week-end etc...

    This is created on the "ZEN" template in theme builder which does not allow further icons like weather in the top banner, or shortcut keys like $ for SMS...

    In return you get SPEED!


    03-19-10 01:33 PM
  2. andyahs's Avatar
    This is perfect and well done theme. I would prefer a Weather slot but it is super fast like you intended with no memory lose.
    03-19-10 01:56 PM