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    For all the witnesses out there who love King James. The greatest basketball player on the planet is now in a theme. Enjoy and please leave feedback. And no this isn't a venue to argue that LeBron isn't the greatest ACTIVE player in basketball. Jordan isnt active and Kobe had Shaq in his prime and had to wait until a whole team of all-stars was around him before he could win again......OK anyway. lol

    This is ported from my 85xx series version. I don't have a Bold and the simulators dont work for me for some reason. So I need help with any bugs that might be there. Also my themebuilder didnt give me the option to move things on the active and incoming call screen for the bold so I cant set it up like my 85xx. Enjoy and leave feedback.

    OTA W/O Weather Slot

    OTA with Weather Slot

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    Awesome! If you can port over one or both of the Ohio State ones it would be even better. Go Cavs. Go Bucks!
    04-05-10 04:28 PM