1. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    ***OTA LINK***
    Just something I made for myself and figured I'd share it with everyone else.
    Haven't really come up with a good name for it either

    It's nothing fancy just a custom theme with a spot for a weather icon on the homescreen and the space bar is a hotkey for QL

    Let me know what you think.

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    11-17-09 08:22 AM
  2. imdabold1's Avatar
    Great shot Jackie. It seems that DataCentre started an avalanche of theme tweekers, I myself being one...LOL.
    11-17-09 03:52 PM
  3. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    haha yea after I downloaded and ran his theme. Had to see what it was all about.
    Kudos to datacentre for the inspiration!
    11-17-09 03:59 PM