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    Below my post, that i posted before in the wrong forum. soryy bout that ;-)

    Here's a basic Today Plus for the bold users. The other day while searching for free bold themes i got inspired by a thread found here and decided to do my homework in the fields "Create Custom Themes for Blackberry".

    The result of my studies is that i came to the conclusion that the days of exchanging icon images, rearrange a few items and sell it, are over.
    I've seen a trend coming, a new type of theme development that only the sky is the limit. No more L and U and all that simple and countless copies of the same stuff. The Berry device Flip has a theme that is astonishing and has nothing to do with what i have seen so far and beyond my understanding of themes. To some it might sound strange, to others obvious.. anyway.. find attached the theme, i hope you like it, i'm about to dive into this wole thing and hope to come up soon with an example that might explain better what i mean. Enjoy ;-)
    11-10-08 07:30 AM
  2. VoltaicShock's Avatar
    Do you have anymore screenshots?
    11-10-08 09:22 AM