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    The reason why ALL themes fail in the task of having an "updatable" homescreen for weather app icons and other icon (sms/mms, messages ...etc) is because of the homescreen itself... The homescreen is just an static shell(hence why you have to press menu or move the trackball to update), the real "auto-updatable" screen is the "application screen" in order to have the icons update automatically (like the dimension icon theme) is to create a theme WITHOUT a homescreen... just a straight forward application screen as your front.

    Get an old curve/pearl and put the dimension icon theme put the backlight to 2 minutes and then put the weather app to update to the most frequent setting and you will seee that icon automatically change (like the network reception bars)
    04-09-09 06:34 AM
  2. tsells's Avatar
    Most themes that do not re-size the icons do update weather apps on the homescreen.
    I am currently using Ivista2(CB store) and Selective Today (pimpmyberry) themes and the weather icons update with no problem on both of these themes.
    However there will be no updated info if you put the weather icon on a 1/2-sized icon theme.
    04-09-09 07:14 AM
  3. serrano_yejo's Avatar
    The old weatherbug icon can be setup to change from weather to condition to high and lo and that only be achieved via an icon theme without a shell or the old dimension icon theme.
    Even if you put it in an icon reg size in an static homescreen it wouldn't change because is an static screen.
    You have an illuSsion of change because you move the ttackball or the backlight but is you actually have the screen turn on constantly it will be static

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    04-09-09 07:42 AM