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    I have been playing around with the themebuilder and composer en proudly present my first theme for you to grab for free
    for Blackberry Bold 9000

    Works with OS 4.6 but missing screen transitions and icon fade-in/out
    Should be compatible with OS 4.7
    Tested and found working on my OS 5.0

    Uhm... when my postcount ranks up
    ....or you just go and check out the attachments

    My first attempt at making a custom theme for my BB900.
    Since i suck at design and drawing i used only free images (without copyright) that are found on the internet.
    No changes where made to the iconset.
    All of the other images used are modified or manipulated in some way by me.

    • Custom backgrounds of Earth and Stars
    • Screen transitions
    • Hidden dock with animated icons
    • Custom NASA font
    • Moon eclipses as battery drains(watch out for aliens during full ecplise!)
    • Custom Today items; Calender, Phonelog and Messages
    • Some colors have changed

    None that i've noticed(yet) although i did got 1 warning exporting the ota in Themebuilder about the Homescreen font being to big (>60kb) but it does show correctly and runs smooth on my BBB9000


    file: EarthBerry_ota.zip (512kb)
    see attachments

    Special Thanks:
    The Crackberry community - for building an massive archive of useful information
    Matt Ginsberg from mattginsberg.net - for his awesome video-tutorials about making themes
    Everybody who shares and distributes free Art/Images on the internet

    Final notes:
    If you tried my theme please drop your comment/praise/critisism or maybe even requests here and help me learn to make more and better themes.
    07-18-10 02:12 PM