1. Darran's Avatar
    Hi Guys

    Sorry this is my first post, just wondered if anybody knew the name of or more importantly where I can get the following theme.

    I've seen a theme that looks like the standard/basic BOLD theme with all the familiar icons EXCEPT it looks like the standard home screen has two rows of icons instead of the usual one bottom row.

    If anyone knows which one this is or where I can get it please let me know!

    Thanks everyone!
    08-17-09 06:13 AM
  2. Darran's Avatar
    Actually just looking through and what I really want is the standard Precision Theme but with the extra two icons on the left hand bar as an L theme. All the L Themes I find seem to also have the Today part and I don't want to display the today info.

    Just want a L version of the precision theme where I can customise the extra two icons that display on the left?
    08-17-09 06:50 AM