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    So I was using a theme a while ago, I setup all the icons how I like them, but in the end I switched themes and deleted it. Recently I decided to download that old theme again and it remembered where all my icons were! How much of the tiny apps memory am I wasting on remembering icon placements for the many themes I have used? Is there a way to delete this info?

    I've even updated my OS in the time between first use and the recent reinstall and it's still there (it must get backed up with my apps).

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    10-06-09 12:06 PM
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    Don't make me e-mail the podcast and drag it out over 2 hours

    So not possible huh? That sucks.

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    10-06-09 06:06 PM
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    nuuuhuhhhhkupolotronic, there is a database called theme settings, delete it using desktop manager. Advanced button in backup and restore. Select it and press "clear"
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