02-20-09 04:24 PM
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  1. mullaar's Avatar
    02-14-09 11:54 AM
  2. mullaar's Avatar
    ok: now here the instructions (2 types):

    ALternative A
    put your cursor onto the link on your desktop, laptop, whatever. left mouseklick, copy link adress. paste it somewhere (can be editor, browser, word, etc.). type the link into your bb browser.

    Alternative B
    just klick on the link within your bb browser

    it works
    02-14-09 11:57 AM
  3. the urban politician's Avatar
    So the question is:

    How do you guys like it?
    02-14-09 02:48 PM
  4. bBfeen's Avatar
    I like it the only think I don't like is the font a different font would be great

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    02-15-09 04:38 PM
  5. chronism's Avatar
    I would also say that the only thing to change would be the font.

    Also, any way to get a an original iPhone like wallpaper all black with the silver bottom dock?
    02-16-09 04:32 PM
  6. nak11's Avatar
    The font blows. I find it hard to believe that no one has created an app to override theme fonts. Totally ignoring the ridiculousness of hard coding fonts in a theme. If I wanted a phone I could not customize I would go back to my iPhone.
    02-18-09 12:02 PM
  7. mullaar's Avatar
    yes, the font should be changed. in this version i am also missing the today screen with the upcoming dates
    02-20-09 01:40 PM
  8. elycruz0102's Avatar
    Wow I'm very very disappointed this was one of my all time favoite theme for bb pearl and once I heard it coming the bold I was excited. It could have look a lot better than this.

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    02-20-09 04:24 PM
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