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    • Specially designed for wallpapers lovers
    • BoldNyx is compatible with OS 5.0
    • Custom Banners, menus, buttons, and icons
    • Tested on devices running OS and above 4.6 builds
    • Tested on devices running all 5.0 builds
    • Specially designed slot for weather application (weather application not included)
    • Hidden scrolling horizontal bar with 10 user defined icons
    • Windows inspired icons with sharp detail
    • Default Font on Messaging application

    Slot one for weather application
    Slot two to eleven are for the scrolling bar.
    Scrolling bar hides to the left
    Scroll up from any slot between two to ten to hide the scrolling bar
    Scroll down from slot 1 to un hide the scrolling bar

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    woo! this is awesome!
    09-12-09 10:08 AM
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    Bought this theme and IT is very Nice. Would IT be possible to buy a version without the scrolling bar?

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    10-16-09 05:57 AM