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    Recently I paid for and installed the BTP 4.6 theme for my Bold 9000.

    My main reason for wanting the paid theme is because it looks quite nice as well as it has the ability to show the 10 upcoming calendar entries on the home screen.

    Now up until a few days ago, it was working fine. Appointments, meetings, social eventd etc, all in nice ordered fashion.

    Now it's just showing me someone's birthday for all 10 entries. Something to do with the Facebook app I think.

    I've tried reinstalling the facebook app and doing a battery pull but the same issue arises.

    Any ideas?


    Edit: nevermind, I uninstalled the facebook app and deleted some default/cache settings and it's working now.

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    Usually it is just the default CICAL being changed to the wrong calendar.
    11-03-09 07:37 AM