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    This is my first theme, that I made for a friend and myself (She named it) and I thought I'd put it up, even though I really don't know what to add to the zip haha.

    These are three images I took, I pretty much just took a wallpaper and edited the Precision Theme.

    The first image shows the theme, with no docks popping out. The second image the left dock, and the third is the right dock. The icons shake when you focus in on them, as well as they are customizable. The two middle icons are not, they are the Address Book and the Browser.

    If you see anything out of place, or any complaints let me know as it is my first theme (And the theme I use too haha.)
    Btw, I got that image off the wallpaper crackberry part of this site.

    I added an OTA, but I'll keep the .zip where it is! Any criticism's would be awesome, haha.
    Download the OTA, Here !
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    Was able to get OTA working, yay and added photos
    02-02-09 08:11 PM