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    Are you sick of going to your application screen just to turn on your alarm clock or reset the time? With this Blackberry tutorial, I will teach you how to remove the step of hunting down that clock application. You will be able to ‘click you clock’ on the home screen which will force the device to load up the clock application.

    Why do it
    For some people this is a simple answer however for others you are probably wondering why would anyone care to do this. Like stated above, you will not have to hunt down that clock button in your application screen. You can add a hotspot to your home screen which will enable you to set your alarm clock, view your clock, start the stop watch, all from the comfort of your home screen. It doesn’t stop there, you can also add hotspots to your battery, wifi/signal meters and more! Watch the video tutorial to learn how!

    Watch the tutorial
    04-17-10 03:28 PM