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    Time and time again I am asked how to resize the icons that are displayed on the home screen on your Blackberry theme. So, in this video tutorial I will show you how to accomplish this two ways. One way is to make your 3rd party apps smaller and another way is to keep your OEM icons on the home screen and make them small. A theme that I created used the second style of resized icons.

    Why do it?
    Some devices only give you room for 6 icons. However, with this trick/tip you will be able to add as many as you want. However, if you add to many then they will become small and extremely unreadable. Take the time to watch this video to see how I turn 8080 icons into 6060. You can do this for any device but in this tutorial I am working with the Bold 9700, Tour, and Curve 8900.


    Watch video tutorial.
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