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    Updated to include theme with 2 message & calendar alerts with switched home & menu backgrounds: OTA link

    Updated to include theme with 2 message & calendar alerts: OTA link

    Here is another quick try at a BSG theme, just trying to get the hang of this OTA link

    let me know what ya think...would also love to get my hands on some SVG files to play with...the sample one provided is pretty limited :O(

    If you like any of my themes please donate:

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    05-13-09 04:02 PM
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    How do we downlaod this? Would love to donate as well. You did GREAT work on this!
    03-09-10 08:55 AM
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    There are 3 different Over The Air links in the first post. Pick the link for the version you want and click on it from your BB.
    03-09-10 11:30 AM