1. NecessaryEvil's Avatar

    That's what I'm currently using; I'd like to find one similar to it, but has a weathereye option in the upper right hand corner (below signal)
    12-30-08 05:54 PM
  2. johnlieu2005's Avatar
    in your bb browser, hit onThearm.com mobile site
    12-30-08 06:02 PM
  3. NecessaryEvil's Avatar
    Nothing there that matched what I was looking for.
    12-30-08 10:45 PM
  4. pisulo's Avatar
    Nothing there that matched what I was looking for.
    scroll around these pages, I'm sure you will find something of interest...

    12-31-08 07:30 AM
  5. Morganizer's Avatar
    Super Loopy has the best free themes IMO. Click here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f130/su...0/#post1186663
    12-31-08 07:34 AM
  6. NecessaryEvil's Avatar
    I'm using Super Loopy's L and love it.

    But, it would seem that WeatherEye doesn't put anything on the main screen, which is the problem I'm trying to fix.

    *edit*, actually it looks like I'm using someone else's. Mine doesn't show the carrier, time/date is left justified, it shows messages, battery indicator is on the right.
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    12-31-08 11:21 AM
  7. HYPHYRR's Avatar
    yea i'm using Super Loopy's L. you can find that in the themes section
    12-31-08 11:24 AM