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    4x Black BD Theme
    $2.99 each.

    This theme incorporates six user customizable icons with five static (not customizable) "Reveal" buttons... very wallpaper friendly.

    Four different OTA versions available from the Crackberry Store:

    Non-Today (v4.1)
    Non-Today plus Weather Icon Slot (v4.2)
    Today (v4.3)
    Today plus Weather Icon Slot (v4.4)


    * Five static Reveal Buttons: Browser | Media | Camera| Profiles | Clock
    * Reveal icons include Network, Battery Meter, Signal Meter, WiFi and Clock
    * Six customizable Bottom Dock (BD) Icons
    * SPACEBAR Quicklaunch
    * Navigation from Reveal Buttons to BD icons.

    Minimum Requirements:

    * # Bold (9000)
    * For BlackBerry Bold - OS 4.6

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    12-18-09 08:00 PM
  2. Rockdog97's Avatar
    I'm also considering porting this over to the 9700 series...
    12-22-09 10:07 PM
  3. Eagles23's Avatar
    That's a nice lookin theme. Very classy!

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    12-23-09 12:47 PM
  4. _dave_'s Avatar
    looks great! i like the interface& colors.
    12-24-09 10:16 AM
  5. Rockdog97's Avatar
    Thanks..it's a cool theme to navigate around.

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    12-24-09 01:49 PM