1. Garys11's Avatar
    I made this as a custom request and the person gave me
    permission to share it with all of you.
    Yes, the person owns a Tang and he paid over 10,000E
    to have it shipped to Romania from USA and another
    4,000E to have it licensed and modified to be able to
    drive it here.

    EVERY application icon (except 3rd party icons) have
    been redone. The bottom dock icons are changeable.

    I have to say that I really out did myself on this theme,
    you have to see this theme in action to appreciate it.
    I spent a total of 27 hours making it.

    DO NOT ask me to make this theme for your phone or
    for a different car unless your able to make at least a
    $25.00usd donation. Like I mentioned, I put a lot of
    time and effort in my themes. Unlike other so called
    theme makers who just add wallpapers and call it a
    custom theme.


    12-13-08 09:00 AM
  2. Chicklet's Avatar
    Very nice. Thanx for sharing.
    12-13-08 09:09 AM