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    I'm not sure how many programmers that hang out in this community of ours, but there must be some. So I was wondering if some might be willing to help me out.

    I read a review of a program available for the G1 called Locale. It was awarded a prize by Google because it's so cool. Basically, it changes the settings on your phone based on location. So you can set different ring and connection settings. It's a really cool way to use GPS that's been integrated into the Bold (and many other BB's).

    But since this program was developed by a bunch of MIT students and not a software company, I'm guessing it won't be expanded for use on any BlackBerry in the near future. And, since it took a team of 10 (or so) MIT students, I'm thinking it's probably not so easy just to whip up a location-based phone settings program that will work on the Bold. So, here's my idea...

    Why not have a program that uses a keyboard shortcut to change the settings on your phone. I know that 99% of the time, I want vibrate and wifi on at work, loud and Bluetooth in my car, and loud and wifi when I'm at home. I would love it if I could just hit a button and the settings would automatically change. I'm sure it can be done. I once used a program that changed your profile at certain times using key injection...that means (to me, at least), that you can simulate all the button presses necessary to change the settings.

    Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about programming. The last time I learned anything about programming was FORTRAN (hilarious, I know) I college. So, is there anybody out there that can help? Does anybody else think this is feasible? Do you think it could be useful?
    01-05-09 09:41 PM
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    Not to rain on your parade, but going into 'Profiles' and switching from 'Vibrate' to 'Normal' isn't much more 'work' than pressing a button. If you are suggesting pressing a series of buttons, you might as well just use the 'Profiles' function and press the trackball twice. That's why that icon is on my home screen. It's easy and quick to change profiles as you walk to your car, into a restaurant, etc.

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    Its not super hard, but these phones are all about convenience and efficiency. There should be a better way to change multiple preference settings at once, especially since I almost always want the same settings at the same location every day. There might be more functions that are changed. For me, its the profile and connection settings. But other people may want to be able to change other things, like theme or even the wallpaper.

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    01-06-09 06:34 AM
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    I can add to this. BlackBerryTracker.com is moving! (Now moostrax) has a geo fence function, that if your BB left an area it would alert you somehow by other means.

    This could be adapted to what you are asking. When you are in a certain "zone" it would set the phone to your desired profile settings.

    Not sure how hard this is to do though.
    01-06-09 07:30 AM