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    I don't have many games (around 5, maybe) or many applications (4) and all my application space is taken as well as my device
    memory. I have a memory card and I have pretty much everything I could have possible saved on it. (Which by there is there anyway way
    I can save apps and games on my memory card?)

    So my question is, is there anything useless that is saved on my device memory that I don't use that I can delete to free up space?
    I heard some that I can delete the different languages.....is that true?? If so, where woud that be under?

    Ant help is greatly appreciated,

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    05-04-09 11:59 PM
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    You should be able to delet your unused languages through the device setup wizard. Also delete apps you know you're not going to use such as unwanted games, help, password keeper etc. If you find you need them you can always reinstall them through desktop manager.

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    05-05-09 12:11 AM
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    If you're on an older OS, replacing it with either .247 or .266 may help. When you have the new OS installed on your computer, use CrackMem to pare it down before loading it to the phone. Get rid of the videos (you can copy them to the SD card now if you want them), any bits of the OS you don't need, all the extra languages you don't speak, etc. Make sure your Messages app and/or SMS and Email are not set to keep all messages forever, and clean out what you don't need. Clear your browser's cache and pushed content, make sure none of your apps are set to make a lot of updated info available off-line, and run the Memory Cleaner app. Press Alt+LGLG to open the event log and clear that out from time to time. If you have any pictures or music files, make sure those are stored on the SD card and not in device memory, and check to make sure your camera, video recorder, voice recorder, etc. are all set to save to the SD card as well. All these steps should definitely clean your system up pretty good.

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    05-05-09 01:16 AM
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    Checkout the first link in my signature ...
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