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    Hi all.
    A friend just got a new AT&T 9000 unlocked (OS: and it doesn't ring at all. Profiles set up to ring @ level 10. The speaker works when music is played. It will work when playing ringtones form the "Media" folder. It will also work for a few ringtones (after having played via the Media folder) but then it stops. NOT A SOUND!!!!
    Any suggestions guys?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I had that problem with my bold too. iirc, it's a problem with the OS, not a hardware issue. It has been fixed in os which has been leaked in beta form on these forums. I don't know where the link is, but if you search it shouldn't be hard to find.

    Here's the link: http://ow.ly/3zztj

    I've been using this OS for months with no stability issues but always do a backup before you install just in case.
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    As Lak recommended, update your OS, 822 is very buggy. It has been publicly announced by RIM that it has that silent ringer problem.
    01-06-11 04:39 PM
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    Thanks guys. OS upgrade worked. Getting latest now.
    01-07-11 10:01 AM