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    First, thanks for acknowledging this is a very old thread. Many don't pay attention and bring back old threads with no value. The Bold here is the 9000 and has not been a "current" model for some time. They are still around but very limited compared to newer models.
    I know - it's sometimes really annoying if someone keeps resurrecting the dead but in this manner, there's no "other thread like that" as far as I found out

    BB10 won't be released until the end of January. Depending on where you live, it may be a while longer until BB10 devices come to a carrier near you.
    Since it's a global launch, I really hope that those devices are gonna hit Germany in time.

    I can't speak to med student apps. A quick Google shows many hits for iOS, iPads in particular. I saw none for BB.
    Well, in my case, the question was most likely focused on the question if BB are still a adequate solution for clinical use. I was just curios. In my experience you don't have that much time (when talking to a patient) to look things up in an App. Besides 90% of the people in this region would probably be very "unamused" if you use a mobilephone in front of them instead of paying full attention.
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    You're here crACKBERRY.com and you ask this question "..."
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    It was valid question, I think
    01-13-13 09:45 AM
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