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  1. chetanvedvyas's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a med student. I have researched both devices extensively and find myself going back and forth (but mostly leaning toward the Bold). I have Verizon and would have to switch to AT&T for the iPhone if I were to go that route.

    SOME of the most salient details for me are these: I believe software development is happening for the iPhone in a way that will probably never happen for the BBOS, especially for medical programs. Medical programs for the BB are few and expensive, comparatively, and will likely remain that way in the near future. The BB, however, is a far, FAR superior device in terms of rapidly making phone calls, adding contacts, quickly making calls from them, and writing e-mail. I find the iPhone cumbersome at best in all of these arenas. The Bold is clearly a better communication device, hands-down.

    Nonetheless, I find myself going back and forth. Perhaps I would be able to overlook these things if the iPhone has an unbelievable advantage over the Bold for useful medical programs. Do you have any input for me? For a med student, which device do you think would be a better idea? Why?

    Thank you!
    07-22-08 09:31 PM
  2. mullrat's Avatar
    What are you primarily going to use the device for exactly? As a study aid or as a communications device? Reference?
    07-22-08 09:39 PM
  3. broooke's Avatar
    People are going to be pretty biased around here. I say go with the BB.

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    07-22-08 09:40 PM
  4. bj1712's Avatar
    well, i'll start by saying i don't know if the iphone would be "cumbersome". As much as i hate my iphone (i think i have a lemon), it's definitely the most easy to use/update phone i've ever used. I'm able to type on the touchscreen, that every BB user will knock, as fast if not faster than i could ever have typed on a BB. But, as you mentioned, making calls, contacts, email, are all definitely easier on the BB and that's why i'm eagerly awaiting the new Bold to jump back. I think the iphone will definitely be the place to be for you... in a couple years. For now, BB all the way!! MMS, Cut and paste, sending entire contacts info, video (i realize i'm beating a dead horse) are all simple functions that the iphone still lacks are all things i think any student would be in need of. So for me, until they can figure those things out, BB for me! I can't wait until the Bold gets here!
    07-22-08 09:43 PM
  5. incognito.girly's Avatar
    At the end of the day, if you don't have a phone that's easy to use...what do you really have but a portable toy? I used an iphone for 3 weeks, but almost hucked it against the wall when I got sick of how many steps it takes to dial a contact! Just stupid! Totally unusable in the car as it mostly requires too many steps and too much concentration away from the road to safely use. I don't necessarily promote car usage, but with my bb curve, I can press down on ONE button and it automatically dials my contact-enough said! The most unusable aspect of the iphone is the....phone! Almost everything else is nice, though...

    But like my mom used to say....a computer without a printer is just a toy. Well, I feel the same way about the iphone-what's the point if the main purpose of the phone is just not that user friendly?

    Besides....if you are becoming a doctor, the blackberry bold is for you. It's sleek, respectable, reliable and "all business"!

    I can't help but think "poser" every time I see someone pull out their iphone (usually holding it two-handed) and look around to see who is noticing them using their oh-so-cool iphone. *sigh* Don't get me wrong, the iphone is cool, but I firmly believe that there is a line dividing most iphone and blackberry users. That line is called "practicality".

    Just my two cents (and mentally preparing myself for the oncoming flamage...) ; )
    07-22-08 10:50 PM
  6. jenaywins's Avatar
    Basically it comes down to this: do you want a phone primarily for business or entertainment? There inlies your answer.

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    07-22-08 11:02 PM
  7. Trevor's Avatar
    Have you seen netter's anatomy for iPhone yet? Check it out it looks really cool. I am half tempted to just by it now for $40 and stay up on my anatomy.

    (I'm freshman premed this fall)
    07-22-08 11:10 PM
  8. mullrat's Avatar
    Here's my answer for you. To be honest it's kind of a tossup. If you are in your preclinical portion of your school just get a laptop and study with that. If you are dying to get one of these devices, I think the iphone is the better choice. They are gearing it for students. If your med school has an exchange account, to distribute assignments and scheduling, both are equivical. It is very portable and the ability to study anywhere is nice and an efficient use of time. Mainly flashcards and the like.

    If you are in your clinical rotations, a blackberry would be my choice. A lot of medicine is communication, and blackberry does that better than anyone. You'll want a carrier that offers some kind of voip because the walls of hospitals especially operating rooms, radiology suites, are lead lined and do not easily transmit data. Even stuff coming from an alphanumeric pager can get interupted unless they have towers close by. A good way to keep in touch with your resident and support staff is through wifi networks which most modernday hospitals have.

    But I know guys that use both without problems so it's up to you. My opinion though is to get a blackberry. I usually defend the iphone whenever someone bashes it outright, but blackberry is the serious communication device for those of us who need our info fast and accurate

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    07-23-08 12:57 AM
  9. CJH315's Avatar
    Um...what he said LOL. I like what the IPhone can do as far as entertainment value. But for business, the BB is the way to go with a little entertainment on the side.

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    07-23-08 01:07 AM
  10. crazy1323's Avatar
    OK, as a current student double majoring (accounting and mechanical engineering) and who formerly had an iPhone and now has a BB I feel that I would be a good person to answer this question.

    I feel that with all the e-mails i get about various things that the blackberry is the best choice. Also, the browser on the iPhone was a HUGE distraction during lectures.
    07-23-08 01:39 AM
  11. spence_08's Avatar
    Well i was having the same problem. I am a Psych major and i have been deciding which to get but in the end i think i am going with the iPhone (only because im 18 and it has more cool things to do with it.) But like every one has said it depends on what you want out a phone. I would say for you to go with a BB. Hope i helped.
    07-23-08 01:52 AM
  12. jikdoc's Avatar
    for medicine, epocrates is available for both bb and iphone, it's free and what most of us use as a handy drug reference.

    for bb, there's isilo, which is a pdb (palm based book reader file), why isilo you ask? well for a pittance (i think it was like $20) you get a program that can read all the textbooks that have been converted over to pdb format, some freely available via other means.

    then there's skyscape which i'm not sure but is probably available for both iphone and bb, but costs $$. i dropped epocrates in favor of skyscape, but if cost is an issue, epocrates is perfectly fine, it just takes up alot of internal memory as opposed to skyscape which loads onto the sd card.

    finally, docs2go is available for bb (probably iphone too) which lets you edit word/excel/powerpoint on your phone if you pay for it. being able to download email attachments and edit them is really convenient.

    free medical calculators are available for bb and probably iphone. i have to say at my place of work, we're split 70/30 in favor of bb. most of us use our phones instead of beepers.

    as someone else mentioned, having t-mobile UMA wifi on your phone is very convenient, especially in the radiology suites and the o.r.
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    07-23-08 08:09 AM
  13. beandoc's Avatar
    As a fellow medical student, I believe it depends where you are in your medical education. If you are actually on the wards needing to use epocrates-like software, I believe a touch screen interface is more intuitive. I do believe they have that software for the BBOS, but I'm unsure.

    I recently spent a good deal of time in the apple store trying to like the iphone or at least see what all the hype was about. I found it incredibly more difficult to add appointments, make calls, and do other tasks than on the berry, and I decided that I ultimately want a functional device and not a toy.

    Hope that helps a little bit. I'm starting my second year of med school this year, and I'll be camping out for a bold, provided we ever get a release date for ATT so I know when to camp out.

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    07-23-08 09:25 AM
  14. Zato One's Avatar
    I would go with the iphone. They showed some nice apps that tend to the medical profession. Also mobile me is going to be great for non-bussiness users.
    Now if this was a choice between the Thunder and iPhone, i would choose the thunder, just because I do not like att.
    Either way, im sure both devices will make you very happy
    07-23-08 06:29 PM
  15. jdmoises27's Avatar
    From a former med student:

    Get the bold and a Palm. Keep med software on the Palm.

    You DO NOT want to put med software on a cell.
    07-24-08 08:31 AM
  16. Hankster's Avatar
    BB. Has more custom features including programs that iPhone won't allow. Also, typing might be key to what you're using it for and the BB has a better keyboard.
    07-24-08 09:01 AM
  17. beandoc's Avatar
    From a former med student:

    Get the bold and a Palm. Keep med software on the Palm.

    You DO NOT want to put med software on a cell.
    Sounds like excellent advice to me.
    07-24-08 09:25 AM
  18. chetanvedvyas's Avatar
    Wow, thank you all for the helpful input!

    I think I'm probably still leaning toward the Bold for how rapidly and easily it allows for communication.

    It seems as though, while rapidly growing, the med software offerings for the iPhone won't very readily outshine the BB's utility for messaged communication in the near future.

    I'll be on the wards at the end of the coming year; if the iPhone's medical software has become amazing by that point, I could always get a Touch, couldn't I?
    07-24-08 04:22 PM
  19. Pellam's Avatar
    1. Make sure AT&T has a network that's up to your standards.
    2. Don't rely on a cell phone to keep sensitive/delicate medical software.
    3. If you're going to have/want to save documents, you might want a device that has removable memory.
    07-24-08 05:06 PM
  20. Smooth69Style's Avatar
    My opinion would be for the blackberry. The reason I say this is because it has been around, and is well established. Sure the iphone is new technology, but will you be able to find the software you need for it? For the blackberry, there is always crackberry for software, but handango also offers many software programs. It actually comes down to what you need it for, and how you want to use it. I wish you the best in your decision making.
    07-25-08 12:46 AM
  21. ixcocoyxi's Avatar
    if youre a med student.. get a palm.. then get the palm treo/centro (sp?) so you could have em work together a lot easier.. i got my girl the palm (t/x handheld) for christmas and she uses it a lot..

    if you wanna pick between the bb and the iphone, go for the bb.. the iphone is more entertainment than business/school..
    07-25-08 01:43 AM
  22. HairyHunk's Avatar
    i'm new tothis bberry forum i made my thread and sent it out where do i go to see if anyone replied to it and made a post i dont understand?can u help me? do i go to my email on here and check for messages or how does it work?
    11-13-08 05:28 PM
  23. ajpak's Avatar
    A lot of doctors use iPhones because of epocrates on the easy to use interface of the iPhone... Not sure how far a long you are in med school but, personally at first i went with the iphone 3g but ended up getting the bold. Bolds functionality as a phone is by far better then the iphone.
    11-13-08 05:57 PM
  24. K B's Avatar
    If you end up a surgeon, I would suggest a BB. An iPhone requires two hands for most of its operations. But clicking on the berry on the left and cutting with the right would work fine. Plus, if you drop your device inside your patient and sew them up, they likely would not sue if they were getting a berry out of it. And especially a Bold.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    11-13-08 06:17 PM
  25. csiguy1's Avatar
    If you have VZ, why not look at the Storm?
    11-13-08 06:25 PM
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