1. RedneckMama0609's Avatar
    I have a blackberry bold 9000 that has never been synced to device manager or backed up at all. So i fully charged the phone and plugged it to my computer, when it comes on the screen says "reload software: 507". I've downloaded the desktop software & the device manager on my windows computer. I also downloaded the software to reload on my phone but when i plug my phone up & start updating it, it will make it to a specific point in the download and come up lost connection to device manager. Any help on fixing my blackberry will be greatly appreciated...
    10-11-12 02:46 PM
  2. skyrocket9's Avatar
    Download a program called BBSak, then plug your device into your computer, open bbsak and once it is open click 'wipe'. This will make you have a 507 error again.

    You already downloaded a software which is good, go to Mycomputer/programfiles/researchinmotion/commonfiles, in here you will look for a file named Vendor and you want to delete it.

    After Vendor file is deleted, plug your device in and in the same folder open up Apploader. Follow the directions, it should find the software you already downloaded and installed previously. Select what apps you want it to install and when you are ready click next to install.

    Apploader will go through the process, do not unplug the device. It can take 5-25 minutes.

    Please follow the directions, don't skip steps, your common files could be in a different directory just search for it if you can't find it.

    Report back here, this should work if you follow the directions.

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    10-12-12 01:32 AM
  3. Chitrang Agarwal's Avatar
    Hi i wiped my data and got 507 error on trying to reload from app loader i am getting stuck on device app selection screen i am not an=ble to go further ...... plz help me :'(
    11-12-12 07:12 AM
  4. deezy87's Avatar
    OR....you can open up DM to see if it detects an OS for you to use
    11-12-12 10:05 PM

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