1. mrrhtuner's Avatar
    hey everybody, I bought a bold 9000 to replace my old broken one and one thing I did notice it has an aftermarket housing(cheap china knockoff) and when I power it on or off, it does NOT show any service provider logo(rogers/bell/telus)

    So I forgot about this, ran BBSAK and wiped the OS as I was going to put on OS 5.0. It has os 4.6 on before also. Since I've done so, I cannot get BBSAK or apploader to install the OS.

    I get that typical message saying:

    The Blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator.

    Any suggestions? i've run loader.exe /resettofactory then /nojvm and I still get the Reload Software: 507 message.

    Any ideas?
    03-15-12 11:26 PM
  2. Zutuk's Avatar
    There is an OS 5 for the Bold 9000? Maybe trying downgrading to OS 4.x and see if it works.
    03-15-12 11:59 PM
  3. saudadeii's Avatar
    Make sure you locate and *DELETE* all copies of vendor.xml on your pc.
    03-16-12 05:22 PM
  4. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    saudadeii is right, when you install a new OS on your Blackberry first be sure to delete all the vendor.xml files.. run a C: disk search for it and delete them.

    And Zutuk, yes.. there is such thing.. OS5 for Blackberry bold 9000 .. and it's even officially released.
    03-20-12 11:32 AM