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    Alright, so after I got my Blackberry all together after it was ... in a crushing incident... Everything was working except the Microphone... then this morning I check out my Bold 9000 and the screen is white... not completely unusual... so I do a battery pull and the screen stays black and the LED flashes.. once.... then three times more quickly...and does this over and over again. The battery was almost dead but it had enough life to bring the BB back up again... I saw it had a bar left before this morning.. once I touched it.. it went white screen.

    In the mean time.. I've tried taking it all apart, putting it all back together all nice and tight.. nothing..

    Then tried BlackBerry Desktop Manager, but the computer didn't detect the device...

    Then tried the JL_Cmder... but that also wouldn't detect the device..

    Kinda scared that my blackberry is dead now.. which really sucks cause I just spent $146 on it a few months ago... any help would be greatly appreciated.

    05-14-11 07:57 PM
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    Ive followed the instructions at What to do next if Jl Cmder will not connect and wipe - BlackBerryFAQ

    1. The Application Loader Wizard window will open

    2. Click on Next

    3. You will get a drop down list with the COM ports and one USB port entry

    4. Select the one which says USB:UNKNOWN

    Once I get to step 3... I can't go any further because there is no USB:UNKNOWN or any devices for that matter...
    05-14-11 08:04 PM
  3. theclobster's Avatar
    I did the JL_Cmder process... all it says is.. ERROR: Unable to open port
    05-14-11 08:08 PM
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    same prob here D=.......idk wtf is wrong with it
    05-17-11 06:01 PM