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    I am considered a newbie when it comes to taking things apart but this phone was so easy to do that I only looked at the CNN video once and it was so simple. I have compiled a guide for those weary of doing it.

    Time: 30-40 minutes (patience is key)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Outcome: Beautiful!
    Tools needed: Torx T5 screwdriver, credit card or some sort of hard plastic card, thumbtack, tweezers, TIME, and PATIENCE

    WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Warranty will be voided upon doing any of this because there is a tamper-proof sticker on one of the screws.

    1. Remove battery cover, battery, and sim card
    2. Use torx screwdriver to remove the 6 screws located on the sides of the phone
    3. Use a credit card to pop out the black plate starting from the left side (phone turned over)
    4. Pop out motherboard looking thing by starting from the bottom (where battery latch is) and work your way slowly to the top, making sure the headphone port & charging port is securely out of place
    5. Remove keyboard by pushing the key-side and it will pop out.
    6. Replace trackball by removing the metal cover and trackball falls out itself.

    Do the reverse to put it back together starting with trackball and ending with the 6 screws.

    To replace bezel:

    1. Do all steps above until step 4.
    2. Remove buttons from original bezel (or if you ordered them, snap them in place) and place them on black bezel.
    3. Remove mesh at top hole of bezel from original (I used a thumbtack to remove and tweezers to place it on the new bezel)
    4. Remove charging contacts from side of device towards the bottom (yellow-gold looking things) and also the battery latch at the bottom for the battery cover. Replace this on the new bezel.
    5. Near the mic, you will see a rubber stopper type of object, remove this (it pops out) and place it at same location of the new bezel.
    6. Place back motherboard thing and the black plate and the 6 screws.
    7. Enjoy!

    To replace keyboard/trackball:

    1. Do all steps above until you get to the base bezel with just the keyboard.
    2. Pop out keyboard by pushing the keyboard on the buttons side, it will pop off immediately. Do inverse for new keyboard.
    3. For trackball, remove metal crate on top of trackball. Use a small pin/thumbtack to remove the latches by pushing them out with minimal pressure.
    4. Once crate is removed, trackball falls out, place new ball in there, and secure crate back into place.
    5. Do inverse of how you took it apart and then replace battery and sim to finish.

    Mesh, charging contacts, and rubber piece replacement:

    1. These small items are necessary for acoustics and charging the phone with a pod.
    2. On top of the original bezel, there should be a long oval hole. Look carefully and you will see a piece of cloth material covering it.
    3. Using a thumbtack point, push the mesh from the outside of the bezel and slowly do it towards the adhesive part. Once it pops out, remove it very carefully using tweezers and replace it on the new bezel.
    4. On the bottom of the original bezel, there should be a little rubber piece that is near the microphone port. This is removed easily. Under that rubber piece, you should see another piece of mesh covering the hole. Gently use the thumbtack point to scrape the edge of it off and use tweezers to remove it fully. Replace mesh and then put rubber piece in.
    5. Charging contacts are golden on the bottom right/left hand corners of bezel.
    6. There should be a small metal piece holding it in place. Pop the metal piece out slightly and use a thumbtack to pull it out. You can push it from the outside while removing the gold adhesive inside to make things easier.
    7. Replace these contacts on the new bezel so you can charge with a charging pod.

    It looks great now and I have no feedback for the speaker or any issues whatsoever.

    Time total is roughly 40 minutes and if a newbie like me can do this, I am sure anyone can.

    PM me if you need a specific step explained in detail. I will gladly provide my email or phone number.
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    Awesome guide. I'm definitely going to use it whenever my trackball gets here. Thanks.
    02-27-09 07:36 PM
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    this was great thanks !!!!
    02-27-09 07:58 PM
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    A for effort, but this post is useless without step by step pictures.
    02-27-09 08:00 PM
  5. procter256's Avatar
    I don't have a camera except for the Bold's one but I basically followed the CNN video. You can use the CNN video and read my guide if you get stuck. Also, I replaced my black trackball with the white one again. Anyone prefer the white over black?
    02-27-09 08:19 PM
  6. JReel's Avatar
    thanks, this helps
    02-27-09 11:05 PM
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    Extra source to go to if I choose to do this, thanks!
    02-27-09 11:18 PM
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    nice. now if that damn package from cnn would get here already! hahaha
    02-27-09 11:36 PM
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    goood instructions.

    somebody should sticky this.

    when i get a credit card. im gunna buy the parts
    02-28-09 01:11 AM
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    apparently the berrymods version of the black bezel includes new buttons which allow the entire bezel and key combination to be blacked out.and since none of the buttons need to be removed i am under the impression that a simple unscrew and motherboard swap should make for a quicker (although a little more expensive) blacked out bold.
    02-28-09 02:23 AM
  11. procter256's Avatar
    The berrymods version does not come with the unbranded bottom plate and the bezel is a high gloss finish which doesn't go well with the bold. The cnn one has a different look to it than berrymods and is the same style as the original bezel. I am going to update this thread on more things soon.

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    02-28-09 06:19 AM
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    I really hope 'step by step pic' guide....

    especially moving those mesh.............. >.<
    02-28-09 06:47 AM
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    You realize, by changing the case you also void the RIM warranty.
    02-28-09 06:55 PM
  14. procter256's Avatar
    Post updated with disclaimer and keyboard/trackball instructions
    02-28-09 07:37 PM
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    So if I have insurance through AT&T and I do this, if something happens to phone will they tell me to get lost?
    03-02-09 03:51 PM
  16. procter256's Avatar
    I remember someone here posted something about that. Doesn't insurance cover damages? If so, they'll just send you another Bold as long as you replaced the bezel back. Then, run it over with a car (seriously, since they can't tell if your sticker on the screw was tampered with)
    03-02-09 04:30 PM
  17. hippytyre's Avatar
    I just changed the bezel and buttons on my bold tonight. Quite an easy job and it looks great all black now
    I only decided to change to black because the OE bezel was quite scratched.

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    03-02-09 04:35 PM
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    Thanks for the guide. Definitely helped me switch out the bezel on my bold.
    03-07-09 07:22 PM
  19. procter256's Avatar
    No problem. Too bad I had to go back to a iphone/E71 for now while I wait for an 8900.
    03-07-09 10:54 PM
  20. nm1k0's Avatar
    How do you like the e71? I use to have it. I liked except for the fact that the keyboard was alittle too small and I got one of the ones with signal issues.
    03-07-09 11:37 PM
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    I bought a black bezel for cnn and it came with the changing port, and mesh screens. Is this something new that they are doing or was I just lucky.

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    03-08-09 01:21 AM
  22. nm1k0's Avatar
    Maybe you were just lucky. It was kind of nerve wracking to do it myself.
    03-08-09 01:24 AM
  23. Chubz's Avatar
    the top mesh for the speaker on mine easily ripped.....it did nothing to the acoustics. Its the bottom one you have to be carefull about
    03-08-09 07:56 AM
  24. JonnyIreland's Avatar
    Thanks for posting, anyone who tries to help others out is good with me! I have just ordered a black bezel and trackball from eBay, so any information I can gather about installation before they arrive is helpful... this also helps put my mind at ease that I won't be attempting something more difficult that brain surgery!
    03-08-09 08:00 AM
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    Haha uhh yeah you most likley removed the little white sticker on one of the six screws holding the phone together when you swapped the parts. This is their way to tell its been tampered with.
    03-19-09 09:17 PM
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