1. rognoral's Avatar
    Hi -

    I want to set up my Bold 9000 as a modem so I can send a fax from windows, not trying to do internet access this way, that works fine from the desktop manager -

    I looked here

    but my Blackberry doesn't respond to the 'query modem' as in the above thread -

    I get:
    ATQ0V1E0 - Success
    AT+GMM - Rim Blackberry Device 84000E07
    <Down To ATI1>
    ATI1 Platform Version
    Everything Else Says :
    Research In Motion Blackberry IP Modem

    Is there Something I need to do to configure my device?
    08-17-13 01:13 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    You could certainly connect your PC to the internet using the 9900 as a modem, and then send faxes over the internet, but as fax as using it as a fax modem without connecting to the internet, I have no idea if that's even possible.. I've put it out to the other ambassadors and mods, hopefully someone can chime in.
    08-19-13 02:30 PM

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