1. jjogun's Avatar
    My blackberry bold has been playing up for a while, I've tried leaving it on charge overnight etc. But when i plug in the charger the red light comes on but the BB doesn't boot up. When I connect it to the computer, it does the same thing and the computer says Unknown Device. I've tried the App Loader wipe but when i plug the bb in, the computer doesn't recognise the BB at all. Help guys!!!!!!!!
    01-12-12 04:31 PM
  2. TheGonka95's Avatar
    Look into the CMOS battery, do a search. I tried all routes and when I removed it, I was able to reload the OS. Make sure when you charge it, you use a wall charger, not the usb/wall charger. You have to wait a while but you should get a white screen with error 507. If this happens, the computer should recognize your phone and display the pin#. I got as far as connecting to JVM but my phone would not reboot. I just got the long blinking red light. But when I removed the CMOS battery, it worked just fine. I kept coming across it on the web. If your phone is under warranty don't do this! This is at your own risk and I am not responsible!!!! Do a search on it on this website! I hope you get your problem fixed. It took me almost a week!
    01-15-12 07:26 AM