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    I'm actually not sure what the issues is - whether it's the OS (running 900 still), the battery itself, or memory.

    The problem is basically my phone shuts itself down when the battery meter isn't even showing as in the yellow - still lots of life left in it, as far as I'm concerned.

    The only two programs that constantly run in the background are Facebook and Twitter, but Facebook is only set to update every 3 hours and Twitter every 1 hour. So those aren't even active that much.

    I am running the OS6 icon theme - I forget which one, but is it possible the theme is putting a strain on the battery life / memory?

    Is it also possible that the phone is just shutting down when the memory is too low? I'm not even getting a warning about battery life - it just shuts down. And then of course when I pull the battery, I lose about 10-20% anyway.

    I'm at a loss as to what steps I should take to try and figure out where the problem is. Perhaps someone can help me with that, so I can be more specific with my questions.
    02-15-11 08:19 AM
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    What you describe is usually caused by third party apps. You might also have a hot battery.

    To be sure which of the apps is the problem, delete ALL THE THIRD PARTY APPS from the phone.
    Then, do a battery pull and fully recharge the phone.
    Test the phone for a few days and determine if the problem is resolved.
    Then, add only ONE additional app, test, then add only one more.
    The reason that I say 'ALL' is because some apps are a bit tricky and work in background, therefore drain the battery. Some of the killers are programs that do streaming such as radio and video apps.
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    02-15-11 09:55 AM
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    I guess it would be a good thing to do a full backup of everything then. Good thing I have time off next week!

    I'll give this troubleshooting method a try, thank-you!
    02-15-11 09:58 AM
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    im definitely trying this as well
    02-16-11 03:37 AM
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    I don't know how old your device is, but that sounds exactly like a battery that needs a replacement. It would be wise to pick up a spare battery anyway to be able to baseline test one vs the other, but sounds like my Curve when the battery was at the verge of total failure (at 14 months).

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    02-16-11 04:08 AM
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    My phone was recently replaced a few months ago when I was having speaker issues. I would assume it's a brand new battery, but I think this is also a refurbished phone that they gave me - not a brand new phone.
    02-16-11 10:33 AM
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    I've had the same problem. The phone will cut off when I set it down on my desk for example. When it reboots, the battery is zapped. I'm on my 3rd replacement phone....received it yesterday. The phone restarted on me twice today already. They dropped a new battery in the mail for me today, finally thinking that the battery may be the problem. I don't have any 3rd party apps other than what's loaded on the phone new. Hopefully, it's just the battery b/c I'm tired of setting up new phones, troubleshooting with customer service, etc.
    02-16-11 08:04 PM
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    I've had the same problem. The phone will cut off when I set it down on my desk for example. When it reboots, the battery is zapped.
    What you say about simply setting the phone on a table sounds like a mechanical problem.

    A few possible things can cause this problem:
    1) Make sure the battery contacts on the phone and the battery are clean. There should be a good spring action on the phone contacts. You can clean the contacts with a pencil eraser.
    2) Make sure the back fits snug to the battery. You can put a couple of layers of tape, like electrical tape, inside the battery cover.
    3) The mid-plate might be loose on the bezel. Without voiding the warranty, tighten the screws until snug (if in warranty do not touch the screw(s) that have a sticker.)
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    02-16-11 08:13 PM
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    I'm going to try the tape suggestion. They had me check the connections when I spoke with them today. They're nice and shiny. Thanks for the suggestion.
    02-16-11 08:28 PM