11-29-09 11:38 PM
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  1. Shawnfb's Avatar
    if your battery door cover isnt as perfect a fit as you like and it "creaks" slightly..
    here is a FIX

    take the battery door off
    using simple scotch tape.
    Line strips along the underside of the battery cover where yours may creak
    It doesn't take much. Mine to 5 strips on the left from top to bottom and two on the right, .. just place some tape and try.... repeat until the creak disappears!!!
    mine is now 100 percent CREAK FREE and actually feels alot more solid in the back without any "give" on the plastic cover!!

    glad I could help!!
    10-06-08 12:08 PM
  2. cspec's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip! It helped a lot!
    10-06-08 02:18 PM
  3. Shawnfb's Avatar
    your welcome!!
    10-06-08 08:48 PM
  4. chiefroastbeef's Avatar
    Thank you as well! It worked great, I used electrical tape, and now my Bold feels rock solid.
    10-06-08 10:08 PM
  5. mpshah's Avatar
    thank you. it worked for me like a charm. it was bothering me alot...
    10-07-08 12:23 AM
  6. aeldes1's Avatar
    It's sad that this is needed on a $650 device
    10-07-08 01:07 AM
  7. chiefroastbeef's Avatar
    Yea, the problem could be easily fixed by them if they added some soft cushions to the inside of the lid.
    10-07-08 04:57 AM
  8. Shawnfb's Avatar
    Thank you as well! It worked great, I used electrical tape, and now my Bold feels rock solid.
    nice!! glad it works for all of you!!
    I thought of Electrical Tape too, (black) would disappear..but I thought of how GUMMY the electrical tape can get in a hot environment.. so i went with the clear scotch.. either works but watch out that the electrical tape doesn't gum up the inside of the device..
    and yeah.. a Thin membrane installed on the inside cover at the factory would solve this "creak".
    are you listening RIM?

    anywho.. my device is solid now.. so..
    10-07-08 09:30 AM
  9. Protagonist's Avatar
    A business card or two can work just as well! And then you have emergency reserve business cards to give out!
    10-07-08 11:54 AM
  10. Shawnfb's Avatar
    A business card or two can work just as well! And then you have emergency reserve business cards to give out!
    no....no... nooooo.. Not Business cards.... TAPE.. thats the ticket,... Tape!
    10-07-08 12:44 PM
  11. chiefroastbeef's Avatar
    Extra large boogers will probably work too.
    10-07-08 07:34 PM
  12. m.km's Avatar
    Mine is fine... Doesn't need this fix
    10-07-08 07:43 PM
  13. sergers's Avatar
    I tried with tape for like 20 mins, couldn't get creeking to fuly stop on both sides.

    Maybe it is because I chabged my bezel to the black one?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-07-08 11:05 PM
  14. mikehole's Avatar
    you sir.. are a genious
    10-08-08 01:47 AM
  15. Shawnfb's Avatar
    you sir.. are a genious
    just trying to keep the love alive!!

    it's so rewarding when you can make people happy with such a small thing..
    10-08-08 04:26 PM
  16. gsidari's Avatar
    yep tape worked like a charm. for less than a penny RIM could have fixed this before sending to the store. crazy.
    11-06-08 12:24 AM
  17. rdawodu's Avatar
    Thanks for the fix, i'll recommend it to friends. Mine doesn't creak at all
    11-06-08 04:04 AM
  18. Shawnfb's Avatar
    Cool.. Your welcome, now that the AT&T version is out.. wondering if this thread will get more attention...
    11-06-08 05:00 AM
  19. Stinkweasels's Avatar
    Has anyone tried foam weatherstripping instead of tape. Seems it would look more oem/natural
    11-06-08 07:02 AM
  20. centralberry's Avatar
    Great fix!! It is true that a $650.00 device shouldn't encounter this caveman-like approach but that you for the post.
    11-06-08 08:26 AM
  21. richard371#CB's Avatar
    I found an even better way. I put a light oil on my finger and rubbed it around the rim and it does not creak at all. It was bad before i did this Sorry if that sounds a little strange lol.
    11-06-08 08:29 AM
  22. melodic's Avatar
    just take 1/4 of a piece of paper and fold it up to about the size of the battery and put it on the battery then close the battery cover over it. much easier then having strips of tape. worked like a charm bold feels very solid now.
    11-06-08 01:23 PM
  23. kojimon's Avatar
    So far so good
    11-07-08 09:57 AM
  24. silence69's Avatar
    genius! my battery door was creaking slightly on the left. applied two lines of tape and creaking gone
    11-13-08 04:19 AM
  25. PvT's Avatar
    Not having much of a problem now but probably will with my replacement door LOL. Existing ones got some pavement marks on it. Good thing it didn't skid face down like when you drop your peanut butter and jelly toast.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-13-08 04:40 AM
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