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    My computer is a WIN 7/64 machine. Link works fine with USB and WiFi, however Blend has never worked. It starts up and when I click one of the 2 choices to click either USB Cable Connection or Wireless Network Connection i get the following message:
    Why am I getting the message an error occured. Please try again later?-screenhunter_04-dec.-17-18.34.jpg

    My phone is a Z10 with the latest leak, however I do not think it has anything to do with it since I get this error with the phone connected or without.
    I made sure that my computer is enabled to handle ipV6 as well as the router. I re-installed several times with deleting all BB registry settings beforehand. I disabled the firewall, uninstalled the virus checker, set the router to DMZ for this computer and still the same problem.
    I had a look at the Link log, but it is very long and well I am not qualified to find an error in there.

    Has anybody experienced similar and found a solution for it?
    Help greatly appreciated.
    01-30-15 03:06 AM
  2. cybersaga's Avatar
    This KB article has a list of URLs and ports that it needs to connect to: KB34794-BlackBerry desktop applications and Internet connectivity

    You can test connectivity by using the telnet client, like this (from the command line): telnet [url] [port]

    For example: telnet p2p.voip.blackberry.com 443

    If it connects successfully, the whole command window will go black. If not, it'll just sit there until it times out and give you an error message. Try that for all the URLs in that KB article. If any fail, then that might be your problem.

    The telnet client is not installed by default in Windows 7, so if you don't have it, this will tell you how to install it:

    There is also this KB article that might help with other troubleshooting:
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    01-30-15 09:06 AM
  3. heppyX's Avatar
    Thanks cybersaga. Telnet connects to all the servers no problem, and I can not identify any problem with the other info troubleshooting link. I think I will wait till Blend will be official to Z10 and then contact Blackberry
    01-30-15 01:35 PM

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