09-30-15 01:09 PM
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  1. Little decoy's Avatar
    you can disable your proxy server in internet option, run the blackberry blend. the blend will your surely run this time and you can get rid of the white blank screen.
    and when its done, you can enable the proxy server again.

    -disable your proxy server in internet option
    -run blackberry blend (phone is attached)
    -blend will run eventually and get rid of the white blank screen.
    -enabling your proxy server in internet option What's with the white dashboard?-captureaaaaaaaaa.jpg

    08-09-15 09:16 PM
  2. bizarrejustin's Avatar
    every once in awhile i have to reboot my phone when my 3 different windows 10 machines, win 7 or android nexus 9 cant seem to connect. i also have 2 blackberry q10's (personal/work) which i like to blend with both according to what im doing (working or not) i dont think i have ever uninstalled blend before but usually rebooting my phone does the trick, for me at least.
    08-24-15 03:22 PM
  3. tbone2k's Avatar
    Got confirmation back from Blackberry that they are able to reproduce the issue. Specifically:
    "The issue can be reproduced internally and there is an issue loading blackberry.com through proxy.
    The latest version of BlackBerry Blend appears to not recognize proxies resulting in this issue. This would explain why the issue is not occurring when we bypass the auto-config."

    In our case, we use a pac file and it is said that adding the following will fix the problem, although I have not confirmed this yet as I don't have the authority to change the file in question.

    dnsDomainIs(host, ".blackberry.com")
    09-30-15 01:09 PM
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