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  1. will willgill's Avatar
    I have previously synched my Q10 with my Mac laptop using Desktop Manager. I am using a Mac Book Pro laptop with OS 10.12; an iPad using OS 9.3.5; my Q10 uses OS 10.3.26; and I have BB Blend version installed.

    My Q10 Blend will not synch with my laptop or iPad Blend wirelessly. When I connect the Q10 to the laptop with USB cable, the phone states that it is connected to the computer, but wants to install drivers which are already on the iMac in the Blend software. The Desktop Manager on the laptop will not recognise the Q10, and sometimes a red dot there states that the phone is "disconnected." So I cannot sync even after signing in successfully to Blackberry World. Connecting the Q10 to the iPad with a cable is refused by the iPad as the Q10 requires "too much power."

    I am afraid to wipe my Q10 data and restore, as my oldest back-up on the laptop is some months old; some bloggers here have stated that in fact that restoring the Q10 to default did not solve their synching problems anyway; and so at this point I cannot synch my Q10 at all, cannot update my iCal or Contacts; Contacts, transfer photos;etc etc. I did have USB Mass Storage on, and tried all the various steps in pror blogs.

    If anyone has any answers or suggestions, I would be grateful.

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    11-30-16 02:52 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Haven't seen a fix for the Mac users....

    Solution is to join the modern age and use a cloud account to sync your Calendars, Emails and Contacts.
    11-30-16 03:13 PM
  3. thksf02's Avatar
    Got exactly same problem as willgill and have not been able to resolve. Really fed up that I can't backup my Q10 anymore on to my imac or update music. Come on Blackberry! I've tried reloading Blend and Link without success. So annoying.
    11-30-16 03:23 PM
  4. will willgill's Avatar
    I changed my iMac OSX to Mountain Lion (which, as it is no longer available from Apple I bought on a flashdrive on ebay for US$13.) Snow Leopard OSX stopped working with the Q10 a year ago, and the current Sierra OSX will not work, either. The Mountain Lion synched immediately -- iCal, Contacts, music, videos, files, photos. All good again. I have the Mountain Lion on an older iMac and Sierra on my new one; and as both Macs will synch the shared wi-fi iCal and other Apple apps between them; anything I add to iTunes or iCal etc will synch onto the Q10, Not optimal that the BB Q10 is orphaned, but at least all my files can be put on it again; and a proper Back-up of the Q10 is again stored on the older iMac successfully.
    02-22-17 06:05 AM

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