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    Hello There,

    I use blend for a moment and when I work on my laptop, via excel, on a file from my blackberry, it seems modifications are not saved on the blackberry.

    I supposed the file will be automatically saved on the BB but in fact not. Do you have any idea how I can proceed?

    Many thanks for your feedbacks.

    04-25-15 10:04 AM
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    How can I use an Excel Sheet on Blend?-challenge-accepted-meme.jpg


    So I moved a Spreadsheet into my SD and pointed Blend's File Manager to it. Asked it to open it. This is the story:
    1. Got a security warning. Said yes;
    2. MS Excel came up with my spreadsheet on it, as expected;
    3. Added a whole new folder at the end with bunch of nonsensical equations in it;
    4. Saved;
    5. Got a "read only - can't save" warning;

    Here is where the solution begins. (Actually no. I spoke out of turn ><)
    1. I have my Z30's SD and Internal Memory mapped as Network Drives;
    2. When the "read only - can't save" warning came up, it asked me for a location to save the updated file;
    3. I pointed it to the SD, removed the "Copy of" from the file name, hit save;
    4. Warning "replace file came up" said yes;
    5. Closed it;
    6. Opened file on the Z30;
    7. Got my *** handled to me. Nothing saved.

    I guess I better report this "little" issue.
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    05-31-15 06:03 PM

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