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    Emails that were sent or have been filed away in folders are still appearing in Blend. Does anyone else experience this? When I log into said email account, I manually file the email to the appropriate folder. However, in Blend, the emails still appear in the "Inbox" of Blend.

    In the HUB these emails don't appear, but why is it that they're present in Blend?
    10-21-14 04:32 PM
  2. MrGlenn's Avatar
    That's just because Blend is a new software. Sorting options for mail/calendar are not available there yet. If it hits off, let's hope they will add stuff like that in future updates.

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    10-25-14 06:44 AM
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    Is it just me.. maybe you can tell me how to make Read Filed Messages visible in Blackberry HUB too? I just downloaded Blackberry Blend and saw it start to show all my filed/labeled emails, but I cant see them in my Blackberry HUB!

    Blackberry HUB >> Settings >> Display and Actions:
    Show Read Filed Emails is ON
    Show Sent Emails is ON

    Both are turned on, but I still cant see them like on Blackberry Blend.. On search field then I type specific email from filed immediately finds it, but then I go back to Blackberry HUB all I can see just emails from inbox and single sent emails. I want to see all emails in a Balckberry HUB like in Blackberry Blend! What should I do to have it?

    I find out that then I click on the Blackberry HUB > Settings > Display and Actions: Show Read Filed Emails to ON or OFF again and again, view in Blackberry Blend immediately changes in order I did ON or OFF, that's pretty amazing, but Blackberry HUB DOESN'T RESPOND AT ALL! View is the same doesnt matter if I change it ON or OFF

    View in Blackberry Blend starts to look the same like in phones Blackberry HUB then I click Show Read Filed Emails OFF, it looks like Blackberry HUB doesnt respond to Show Read Filed Emails ON and OFF button at all, ITS ALWAYS OFF! What should I do next??

    PS. I'm using Blackberry Z30, but I have Z10 too and it also doesnt work and it looks like this "Show Read Filed Emails" not working button bug is on all 10 OS devices except Blackberry Blend desktop version which works perfectly confirms it.

    Here is picture how it looks then Show Read Filed Emails ON and OFF:
    (first is OFF, second is ON)

    Filed & Sent Messages appearing in Blend-blackberry-hub-bug1.jpg

    As you can see then its ON, Blackberry Blend changes and I can see all my emails (and there are a lot of unread ones!), but in my devices Blackberry HUB there is no changes and it display the same thing like its OFF. I miss a lot of emails and its really annoying and I think you understand why..

    Any FIX suggestions?

    Im using Gmail.

    Using Blackberry 10 OS version OFFICIAL
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    03-03-15 08:11 AM
  4. spARTacus's Avatar
    I have same issue. In blend I see all my filed emails.

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    03-03-15 08:31 PM

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