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    There are few things you need to know about blend, here's my personal list, feel free to add below !

    1/ Blend is only an interface to your device (one at the time). It is a client software (say a "browser").
    2/ Anyting you do via Blend is stored/executed/secured/transmitted through your BB10 device. Nothing is stored on your computer/tablet. Personal and Professionnal spaces are handled, don't worry.
    3/ You can install blend on any desk/lapTop provided it meets the sw requirements (and no, no Linux, no phones, no Playbook) :
    • Mac OS X 10.7 +
    • Windows 7 +

    • iOS 7 +
    • Android™ 4.4 +

    4/ When you install blend, you need to pair *physically* your BB10 device with USB cable for the first usage. Next, you'll have to give the device password (oh, you don't seriously pretend to use this without a pw on your device, don't you ?)
    5/ Once paired, you can access to your device either with USB or OTA, including wifi AND cell (w/data)
    6/ If you have multiple accounts or big BBM usage, I'd suggest you choose either USB connexion or plug your device to a charger. As a reference, I've been using it pretty much today and after 10 hours, I only (blink, blink) had 17% battery left. Also, Blend disconnects every - I'd say - hour or so and unless you need it (or you're wired), I won't reckon to tick the "keep connected" option. Should you choose to do so, don't forget to disconnect your Passport, either in Blend or on the device when you leave !!!
    7/ Blend is awesomely superb.

    Welcome to the mobile computing erra !

    P.S: may help => Configuration requise - Guide de l'utilisateur - BlackBerry Blend - 1.0.1
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    09-26-14 01:13 PM
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    Thanks for this.

    I've run into a minor issue for my office with this.
    When I use it to reply using my Exchange Server email, my email signature won't appear.

    anyone know if this could be corrected?
    09-26-14 01:50 PM
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    Awesome, wanted to know about the battery. Now I know.

    Hopefully it'll be improved later on or they can work on a centralized place for it to connect. Like the NOC that would get the emails, but it gets everything and that pushes to blend and the phone. Texts would be pushed from the phone though.

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    09-27-14 12:51 AM
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    Nothing surprising about the battery as your device is in a "always on" network state, no rest for your battery!

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    09-27-14 08:07 AM

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