1. meatball66's Avatar
    I was migrated to Win10 a few weeks ago and need to move Blend over to it. I work in an IT group, but not desktop support. When I installed BB Link and Blend and start the app everything looks good to start. I try to add my device and when I input my BBID and password after a few minutes I get an error saying that an error occurred and to try again later. I know that Blend supports Win7 and probably missed Win10 not being supported by BB. Has anyone gotten this to work and what tricks are needed if any?

    Thanks in advanced for any help on this.
    06-19-17 11:26 AM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    Well, BlackBerry Blend is EOL. It's no longer supported, and never really worked great on Windows 10.

    You're pretty much out of luck.
    meatball66 likes this.
    06-19-17 11:38 AM

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