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  1. Erik_1991's Avatar
    Hey CrackBerry nation,

    I'm thinking of buying the Jolla Tablet for school purposes.
    But the question for me is, will BlackBerry Blend work flawless on the Sailfish powered Jolla Tablet?

    Grtz Erik

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    08-27-15 05:27 AM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    It's unlikely anyone will be able to tell you. As far as I know the Jolla tablet hasn't even shipped to anyone yet, so no one can really test.

    Why don't you hit the Jolla forums and ask what version of Android they support? Blend works on 4.4+

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    08-27-15 05:39 AM
  3. Jolla user's Avatar

    even when my opinion can be considered as not objective as I am Sailfish enthusiasts IMHO:
    - Sailfish is full Linux. Android is castrated Linux with attached Dalvik. Sailfish has built in ACL Android Compatibility Layer which in fact is Alien Dalvik by Myriard, which has been designed, developed and polished many years for this purpose only, though this is dedicated software of one particular aim.
    - Above is important because Alien Dalvik built in full Linux makes that Android software recognise Jolla Tablet or Jolla Smartphone as Android device, because Android environment is EMULATED but not simulated, what is significant difference. Emulation also makes that Android software launched with Sailfish runs without lags, delays and etc. negative things - which is 1st part of 2 of my answer to your question.
    - Android software ought to be codded following Android (lets say) standard. This also is about controls on the screen so in genera to follow Android UI requirements. When developer/coder follow rules a particular software is standard compatible and will run without problems on Sailfish. Problems were reported when UI controls like buttons or something else was codded by Android developer not in complying proper Android requirements, eg. coder had his own idea "how to make things better or faster" but the idea was against commonly used patterns. If this is the case can happen a particular software will not launch or controls on screen will useless eg "unpressable" due to way the software was coded. This also will cause that particular software will have problems with different Android versions. This happens but it is not common problem, it is estimated that it happens with a few %s of Android software. I personally has not observed this effect, so far all Android software was fully usable and playable with my Jolla smartphone so Sailfish 1.0. With Jolla Tablet it will be Sailfish 2.0 which is advertised as "better Android compatibility". From my experience there are no problems with performance of Android software and compatibility of soft I need. That also is about games which were fully playable. So in conclusion: If will not have a bed luck to take an Android software written "in strange way and against standards" or calling an particular hardware which is only in one particular device then most probably you will not find any problems - which is 2nd part of 2 of my answer to your question. I haven't found problems so far, but some problems were reported and are estimated as "few % of Google store".
    - You can use Google store with Sailfish, however you need to install it - there are "how to" instructions in the Internet
    - You can use Jolla store where are those Android software which were tested on Sailfish by Jolla store staff, but unfortunately not all developers want to have their products there yet, because that portal is not fully functional yet. As they have not enabled yet payments there are only freeware or shareware or those which collects money in other way they payment for download. It is called Jolla Harbour. You can see more harbour jolla com or Jolla store.
    - Multitasking in Sailfish works this way that you can in the fly switch between Android and Sailfish software running parallelly. And no software is "frozen in background" what is very comfortable for me, all software are running. I reached 20 different software applications running together, only with 21 slow down with redrawing screen has appeared. I don't use more then 10, usually 2-5 including player.
    - Whatever to say or write here the final test is you to try any software you want with Jolla Tablet. Above described experiences can only help you to estimate is it good idea to try Jolla Tablet. I also think you are not the only one so there can be others having more experiences from that particular software running on Sailfish.

    I am here accidentally, has found your question looking for something else. I hope my experiences could help you. Have fun with Sailfish.
    I always thought it would be good idea to have BlackBerry Sailfish device.
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    08-28-15 04:03 AM
  4. Erik_1991's Avatar
    Wauw, now that's an anwser haha! Thanks a lot! I saw in the development timeline that Sailfish supports 4.4+ android. So I'll give it a go!

    Pre Ordering the 32GB version and wait till the end of October to arrive.

    Thanks again guys! Appreciated!

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    08-28-15 04:29 AM

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