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    Hello BlackBerry community !
    I have a lot of problems with my BlackBerry blend app...I start thinking that it doesn't work ever.
    I have a Q5 BlackBerry and a good computer with windows seven.
    I installed blend and link on my computer and the app on my mobile.
    I live abroad so my computer is in another country, I can't connect it with USB.
    With my BlackBerry i only have the 3G.

    I tried once and it worked, I saw my documents in my computer with my BlackBerry.
    It was two weeks ago, and the next day it stopped working, so we tried many times to reconnect, reinstall, everything you want
    Yesterday we finally connected the computer and the phone but i can't see the files. But in my computer, my dad can see my phone's files.
    I really need it to work. Obviously I checked that I allow the 3G connection because I don't have Wi-Fi here.
    All the modes are ticked, the 3G mode, Blend, authorizations etc.
    I uninstalled and rinstalled everything many times, I can't find solution.
    Can someone help me ?

    Errors are when my computer tries to dectect my phone, or when we are connected but files dont appear...

    Thanks to all of you !
    10-05-15 08:55 AM

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