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    Update: I feel like a goose. I just had to type a 'minus' sign instead of the full hiragana spelling to write the Katakana extended sound. Pressing the space bar for normal hiragana spirals through the options.

    I just got my black KEYone in Japan. It is sold here and the phone was loaded with Japanese but I set it to English.

    Unfortunately my facility for reading and writing Japanese is basic. I've had the Japanese keyboard on my Classic and now KEYone but I can't work out how to write even simple Katakana, on either device. Typing he extended vowel sound 'ー' has me completely stumped.

    So far I've worked out writing 'x' or '1' before gets me the half hiragana but I'm lost with getting the Katakana to come up. It takes me ten mins to just write コーヒー (Coffee). Writing everything in hiragana is obviously pointless.

    I think I'm missing something. Everyone here has iPhones so the Japanese are just as confused as I am.

    Thanks Gentlemen
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