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    For those missing Blend on current BlackBerry Android devices..-android-apps-chromebook-1.jpg

    Maybe this is why BlackBerry wasn't going to waste any time reinventing the wheel.

    Slowly and quietly, Android has been growing into a desktop OS. (That's in addition to being a phone OS, a tablet OS, a TV OS and a watch OS.) This year's 7.0 Nougat release debuted with a feature we've still yet to see on any production device: freeform window mode. Freeform, one of three multi-window modes, basically lets your Android tablet handle apps the same way your Mac or PC does in a moveable, resizeable window.
    Andromeda: How Google can conquer the desktop, figure out tablets ? and maybe change Android phones forever | Android Central
    09-26-16 07:48 PM
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    Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all been working on the merging of mobile and desktop OSs for a while now.
    09-26-16 08:07 PM
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    Actually Andromeda is no where near Blend. Andromeda is actually trying what Windows is trying to do with a one OS for all devices (phone, tablet, laptop and desktop). Windows 10 was close and with continuum you could actually use your phone in lieu of a desktop. But take note, it's in lieu of a desktop and nothing similar to Blend which actually makes you use the two devices and seamlessly shifting between the devices with the phone as the primary device.

    Also floating resizable windows was already done by Windows CE OS of yesteryears. But the screens of old mobiles and pocket PCs before was nowhere as close to the screens now making that feature cumbersome. Thus, mobile OS gravitated to the single app view (where an app takes on the whole screen). But advances in screen real estate and the acceptance of consumers in carrying 5" and above screens have made the resizable screens seem practical again.

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    10-17-16 12:20 PM

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