1. VanAwful's Avatar
    So received the latest security update on my DTEK60 this morning. Installed it; delt with multiple restarts; now wifi calling has stopped working with error Reg99. Used to have this error a lot on the Z10 until OS 10.3.2.

    Again, I do not like Android. Have seen more security updates in the five months I've owned the DTEK60 than in the three years I owned I ran the Z10 with BB10. An now, let's break a key feature I rely on everyday. Anyone else install the update? Issues with wifi calling?
    05-13-17 08:31 AM
  2. VanAwful's Avatar
    Sure enough, shortly after posting this my DTEK60 decided to do another reboot. Now WiFi calling is working. So no WFC for about five hours after installing the update. Remind me why BlackBerry went with Android instead of keeping with BB10? Oh yeah, social pressure from all of the users who know nothing about stability/reliability or security and only want a 'cheap' solution.
    05-13-17 08:57 AM

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