1. Renegade88z's Avatar
    Bought the KEYone and gotta say loving it, however when I make a call. The phone automatically goes into do not disturb mode. Like I can see the icon on the status bar and everything. I have to manually then turn it off or when the call ends it comes off by itself. I dont suppose I could manually turn it off all the time. But then what if I get an important call while im on call ordering food and I miss the window by that much. Through do not disturb mode activation I dont think my phone will alert of any call.
    Please help, how to turn this setting of if there is any...
    Also, is someone else having this issue?
    06-05-17 02:33 AM
  2. L o r d R a j's Avatar
    Same issue here as well.

    But I can confirm that Call Waiting notification does work in spite of those icons on the status bar.
    Renegade88z likes this.
    06-05-17 03:11 AM
  3. ariandax's Avatar
    Same here. Activated but all work...
    Renegade88z likes this.
    06-05-17 04:50 AM
  4. Renegade88z's Avatar
    Maybe a software fix then, though I doubt it'll be fixed. I mean it's not a problem but if it's got a notification pop then it's not supposed to happen.
    06-06-17 04:38 PM
  5. johnnydoesai's Avatar
    I don't think it's a bug. it's by design (of Android Nougat). Because my XZ and S7 Edge do the exact same thing after their Nougat updates ...
    06-07-17 03:57 AM

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